Night Guards - A night guard can help to provide relieve from grinding, bruxing, or clenching while you are sleeping.  In some people nighttime grinding habits may wear away their tooth enamel and cause headaches, neck, jaw, or shoulder pains. A night guard is a custom fitted device made to be worn while you sleep. Night guards are easy to insert and remove, and are usually quite comfortable.

Snap-on Smile - A unique method of giving the patient an easy, painless way to correct a smile that the patient is not proud of due to crookedness, stains, or gaps. Dr. Arnold takes an impression of the patient's mouth and a special laboratory prepares a thin, row of super thin teeth that "snaps" on to your existing smile. The result is a gorgeous smile that can be worn for work, social events, or whenever the patient wants to look special.


SNORE GUARDS-  A snore guard appliance is a small removable dental appliance made out of plastic that you can wear at night while you sleep. Dr. Arnold custom-makes ones for each patient so that it fixes your particular snoring problem.